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Give a Feature, Get a Feature!
:bulletorange:Please :+fav: this News Article to help these artists get more exposure! :bulletorange:
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Realm-of-Fantasy is running a weekly "Give a Feature, Get a Feature" in our group. Do you have a favorite Fantasy/SciFi piece on deviantART? Or maybe you know of a Fantasy/SciFi piece that just isn't getting enough exposure? Would you like to get a little exposure yourself? Well, here is the time and place to speak up.

You pick it, we promote it. Not only in a group blog, but in a deviantART News as well. And as a bonus, you can pick a piece of yours that you would like to get featured as well!

"Give a Feature, Get a Feature" will be posted each Week, and the first 25 suggestions will be featured – so better be quick! ;)


Please add our news article to your :+fav:s as well, as this will help promote the artists and help them gain more exposure!

The link to the latest news article is at the top of the this blog.

:bulletred: Support the artists:

Be sure to visit all of these wonderful artists galleries and share your thoughts.

Now lean back and enjoy this week’s features, and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us!

Give a Feature, Get a Feature

Crafter by MatthewJWills by :iconmatthewjwills: featured by :iconfolji: Undead Hunter by Folji

by :iconcoyotemange: featured by :iconlunaticofdamnedfools: :thumb209149902:

kalloherra by Silppuri by :iconsilppuri: featured by :iconemilyhenshall: :thumb162238704:

another world by aquaking by :iconaquaking: featured by :iconjohanbriend:

Elves leave Middle Earth by Araniart by :iconaraniart: featured by :iconaurelia-acc: The Butterfly Girl by aurelia-acc

.cruel. by namirenn by :iconnamirenn: featured by   :iconazzedar-san: Passing by Azzedar-san

:thumb193757659: by :iconazzedar-san: featured by :iconsyrrhaal:

Afghan Girl by angelfalls714 by :iconangelfalls714: featured by :icontenzeh: :thumb209604199:

Violet and Raven by AkubakaArts by :iconakubakaarts: Featured by :iconladyofgaerdon:

fetus pods II by bastard-comics by :iconbastard-comics: Featured by :iconjackcaliber: The Stardust Room by JackCaliber

Foggy by m-hugo by :iconm-hugo: featured by :iconeventrue: :thumb203264708:

PRIZE - Kaden + Sinaa by oOMellyChanOo by :iconoomellychanoo: Featured by :iconaikurisu: Kaden - Portrait by Aikurisu

Knight by pesare by :iconpesare: featured by :icondoodleduo: In Search of Lost Time by DoodleDuo

First Lesson by kerembeyit by :iconkerembeyit: featured by :iconxrosewaterx: T I T A N by XRosewaterX

Leviathan by MrRusser by :iconmrrusser: featured by :iconcovenantfighter: Percees De Lumiere by covenantfighter

Darth Vader by AndyFairhurst by :iconandyfairhurst: featured by :iconconceptguy: Space Trouble by ConceptGuy

Highly Suspect by D--CO by :icond--co: featured by :iconblue-kitsune: The Battle by Blue-Kitsune

The Rain Spirit by LuigiL by :iconluigil: featured by :iconmalinav: 'oh, so you can SEW?' by Malinav

Young princess Zelda by ReevolveR by :iconreevolver: featured by :iconstarlit-sorceress: The Lion's Share by Starlit-Sorceress

Daemon Terminator by Konstantin-Vavilov by :iconkonstantin-vavilov: featured by :icondragumagu: Astral Demon by dragumagu

Jez monster: Updated design by InkyMonster by :iconinkymonster: featured by :iconcrystalwolf10: Autumn RainA cool breeze whispers
Voice warm but for a hint of the coming chill
Clinging to it, the scent of rain
Cleansing the air of summer's dreadful fever
Translucent crystals of water
Plunge through the trees
Shattering with a faint cry
On the leaves of gold, of ruby, of auburn
Strewn across the forest floor
Some still clinging to the limbs of their guardians
The trees that moan in the wind
Soon to drift to the ground in respite
Amongst their resting brethren
The chattering of squirrels and twittering of birds
Dwindle in the approaching turn of season
And in their wake, tranquil silence
Keeper of serenity
Reigns the dormant woodland
Ensuring peace in Nature's lands
In the days yet to be
And still Nature's lullaby
Hums softly in the fading light
The lone sound in the forest
The mantra of the autumn rain

discoverer by soft-h by :iconsoft-h: featured by :iconsergsorokin: :thumb209807071:

Moon Bound Contest Entry by dragondoodle by :icondragondoodle: feartured by :iconjijikit: Pirate Kitty for Savvy by jijikit

Between heaven and earth by Billlio by :iconbilllio: featured by :iconcallmevargo: The Watersoaked Gulch by callmevargo

Lethe by Silence-is-gold by :iconsilence-is-gold: featured by :icondragon-kiss: Eldar sniper by Dragon-Kiss


Come for the Art, Stay for the Community
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AzKai Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
Would love to promote my picture! [link]
Tenzeh Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
thanks for the feature ;)
Chivohit Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2011  Professional Traditional Artist
should help to promote my art!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) [link]
phoenixleo Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2011
xXRen-AvlisXx Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Wow there are some really great pieces here! @ o @
hatoola13 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2011  Student General Artist
hi, where do i send the links?
alltheoriginalnames Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2011
Go to this blog to participate: [link]
hatoola13 Featured By Owner Oct 2, 2011  Student General Artist
thnx! :D
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